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Altra intervista a Evilly! Parte 1

Fonte –
– 2015 will be the “Year of Random battles”
– 9.4 will bring the Stalingrad map as well as initial stage of Havok
– new reworked Historical battles will resemble coordinated company mode battles (each team will play one conflict side), it will include PvE elements as well
– first PvE tests will come in 2015
– there will be multicore support in the future
– 9.4 will bring “new version of Bigworld” (SS: here I am not sure by with the meaning)
– T95E6 and Object 907 tanks are reserved for third and fourth CW campaign
– it will be possible to gain a reward tier 10 tank as a mission reward (VK7201 and others) in random battles, but only one (SS: as in, players will have the chance to get the M60 they so wanted :))
– the mission from the question above will be “individual mission” (SS: as in, presumably, different for each player)
– there will be tanks turning on their roofs, but only after testing, developers want to be really careful with them
– Chaffee race will come in 9.3

  • il 2015 sarà l’anno delle battaglie Random
  • 9.4: mappa Stalingrado e fase iniziale di Havok
  • le nuove battaglie storiche si coordineranno con le compagnie e avranno elementi pve
  • i primi test pve saranno nel 2015
  • ci sarà il supporto multicore in futuro
  • 9.4 avrà una nuova versione di bigworld
  • T95E6 e Obj907 sono riservati per la terza e quarta campagna CW
  • sarà possibile ottenere un carro ricompensa tier 10 (es vk7201 e altri) nelle battaglie random come ricompensa di missione, ma solo uno (grind disumano, immagino, ndt)…
  • la missione relativa alla domanda precedente sarà individuale
  • ci saranno carri che si ribalteranno, ma solo dopo test, i dev vogliano andarci piano.
  • la gara Chaffee verrà con la 9.3



– camo system is doing fine, won’t be changed
– Clanwars will not change drastically
– premium tier 8 arty will not be released
– tier 9 and 10 premium tanks won’t be implemented
– physical gun barrels won’t be implemented
– special camo with ponies, Game of Thrones maps and Katyusha rocket launchers won’t come (SS: Russians asking all the great questions)
– premium FV4202 will be given out, but not for free, but as a mission reward (Evilly explains: “you unlock the FV4202, you complete the mission in it, you recieve a token, profit”)
– Chaffee XP price in 9.3 will be compensated in the form of XP awarded to the “old” Chaffee, so you can unlock T37 straight away
– Panzer IV Hydro will come with new Razer headset, MTLS tankette won’t be released
– Panzer IV Schmalturm and T-34-3 will be buffed
– WG is actively fighting bots

  • il sistema camo va bene non verrà cambiato
  • le CW non cambieranno drasticamente
  • non saranno rilasciate arty tier 8 premium
  • tier 9 e 10 premium non verranno implementati
  • cannoni fisici non verranno implementati
  • camo speciali con pony, mappe di Game of Thrones e razzi Katyusha non verranno implementati
  • il premium FV4202 verrà dato ma non gratis, ma come ricompensa per una missione
  • il prezzo XP dell’attuale Chafee verrà restituita in forma di XP data allo styesso Chaffee per sbloccare subito il T37
  • il Panzer IV Hydro cerrà con le Cuffie Razer, l’MTLS non sarà rilasciatro
  • saranno potenziati il Panzer IV Schmalturm e il T-34-3
  • La WG sta combattendo attivamente i bot


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