Nazi gold train revealed?

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Yesterday a set of images spreaded into the WorldWideWeb, is this the Nazi Gold Train in Poland? It seems a fake! For a full history about Nazi Gold Trains Wikipedia helps you:

Ieri un gruppo di immagini si è propagato nel WorldWideWeb, è questo il Treno d’oro nazista in Polonia? Sembra un falso!

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  1. Woj 28 October 2015 9:46


    With all respect I would like to update a little bit your post.It is not POLISH nazi train. It is German Nazi Gold train. Some people state that they found it in Poland. There is nothing sure if it is The gold train. In this moment as I know army has to check if there is no danger to explore it as old bombs or any other traps. Any way. It is not Polish Nazi train it Is Nazi gold train (propably) found in Poland.