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Special Stronkhold Consumables

– there will be special stronkhold consumables, but not with the attacking mode enabled, not even 2 patches after it (SS: fluke – “not even in 9.5″)
– these will be usable only by the team commander
– every consumable will need a special building in the future, they will “load” the same way as the bonuses (reserves)
– every consumable will have 10 tiers of development, just like the buildings
– currently, the consumables are in prototype stage and it’s tested so that you can use every consumable once per battle (but this will really come in distant future)

There are following types of consumables developed:

– turrets (consisting of tank turrets) controlled by bots, there are currently three variants – a KV-2 turret, a T30 turret and an E-100 turret. Each turret has its own hitpoints, they fire HE shells only. They will be possible to set on pre-determined spots on the map, they will also spot enemy tanks
– airstrike – a group of bombers attacking a certain area, the bombs will fall vertically down
– artillery strike – artillery is firing at certain area like the bomb strike, the shells will be HE shells using artillery mechanics in the game with a low trajectory
– minefield – will cover certain area and will be impossible to detect, running over it will reduce tank hitpoints
– smokescreen – certain area will be covered by smoke, the enemy team will not be able to spot anything within that area, but it works both ways (you will not be able to see through it)
– recon plane – for a short time, certain area of the map gets “scouted”

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– stronkhold API will come quite soon, it’s possible there will be a slight delay between the API and SH release
– exclusive tanks as SH rewards are not planned for now
– resources can be lost in following cases: when the enemy loots your SH and when your “warehouse” (depot) is already full – in the latter case the resources simply disappear
– one way or the other, the team participating in raids will get the resource amount stated in the format, its distribution will happen proportionally to XP of players
– there are plans to start a new event like the World on Fire was soon, its gameplay will be significantly different from CW
– the third campaign will be much larger than the previous ones, will be more elaborate, there will be many more tools for commanders to monitor their clan and the “top X ladder” etc., it’s possible that the players will get to choose which reward they want for it from M60, VK7201, Object 907
– current properties of Object 907 are final
– raids will be possible without having a full team (for example you can run a 7v7 raid with 6 people)
– there will be no Clanwars within the client (SS: it will remain browser mode)
– CW 2.0 is in prototype stage, there are already working buttons and some CW players (under NDA) already tested it. The CW rules will remain the same, but the interface will be more convenient. There will be one large map, created with “new architecture”. It will be possible to run various events without having to manually enter them into the code each time.
– it will not be possible to buy or sell the SH resources
– it will not be possible to earn gold in SH mode
– there are plans to increase the amount of players in clans
– WG will participate in the Stronkhold mode and will develop their Stronkhold, including raids
– there are no plans for now to further increase the amount of buildings in SH mode, it depends on feedback
– there will be no protection from one clan attacking you over and over again, “rigged” battles will be detected and severely punished

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