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War Thunder Conflicts Series WW2 Chronicles


Vyazemsky entrapment

Tuesday | 30/12/2014

The 46th and 40th Motorized Corps of the 4th Panzer Group are attacking from a southerly and easterly direction. The attacker must approach Vyazma, surrounding the besieged Soviet forces.

Beginning of the Battle for Sevastopol

Units of the Soviet 106th, 271st and 276th divisions take up defensive positions on the banks of the Salhir river, southwest of Dzhankoy.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor Wednesday | 31/12/2014
Thursday | 01/12/2015

The forces of the US Battleships from the Pacific Fleet are concentrated at Pearl Harbor naval base. Japanese aircraft launch an assault against the enemy’s airfields and a subsequent attack on the battleships with the aim of destroying them.

The Battle of Wake Island

The first attack on American troop positions fortified on Wake Island ends in failure. The Japanese launch a strike against defensive positions on the atoll and try to destroy the enemy’s artillery positions.

The Battle of Guam

On the 10th of December, 1941, a Japanese assault force lands to the north of Agana on the island of Guam and quickly shatters the enemy’s defenses. Even so, a few groups of defenders continue to mount fierce resistance.

Battle of Moscow: Beginning of the Rzhev-Vyazemsk Operation Friday | 02/01/2015

On the 23rd of January, 1942, while launching a counter-offensive, the German “Army Group Centre” meets the 39th Infantry Regiment at Solomino north of the Rzhev-Molodoy Trud road. The Soviet troops must launch an attack against the concentration of German troops near the village of Solomino and continue their offensive.

Battle of Moscow: The Soviet Offensive

Units of the Soviet 39th Combined-Arms Army, run into the German defensive perimeters to the west of Rzhev. They must launch a strike against the enemy’s defenses and continue their offensive towards Sychyovka.

War in the Pacific: The Battle of Midway Saturday | 03/01/2015

An attack of 108 bombers from the Kaga, Akagi, Soryu and Hiryu aircraft carriers on the 4th of June, 1942 attack the airfields on Midway atoll but fail to destroy the American aircraft. The Japanese must launch an attack against the atoll and destroy the enemy aircraft preventing their troops from landing.

War in the Pacific: Atoll Assault

American F4F-3 and F2A-3 fighters of the 221st Air Group take off to intercept Japanese bombers. The Japanese must intercept the American fighters and clear the way for the the planned attack aircraft assault against Midway atoll.

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