War Thunder Steel Generals T32 heavy tank

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The T32 Heavy Tank was developed from the M26 Heavy Tank. It had a Ford GAC Engine that was able to drive it to speeds of up to 36 km/h (22 mph). It also had a crew of five men and was equipped with a T15E2 90 mm main gun.
The T32 was 54,000 kg (60 tons) in weight and was 7 meters in total length. The armour thickness on the vehicle was around 200mm at the front with 76mm at the side and 51mm at the rear.

Source – http://devblog.warthunder.com/2014/12/15/steel-generals-t32/?hl=en

War Thunder Steel Generals T32 heavy tank

Reference – R.P. Hunnicutt, Firepower a History of the American Heavy Tank, 1988, pag. 99 e seg.

On December 1944 A.G.F. recommended the develop of a new heavy tank frorm the new Pershing Tank. Two approaches were followed: a modofication of Pershing with thicker armor (T26E5); the develop of a totally new heavy tank. The design proceeded with high priority. On 10 April 1945 a mockup was complete. On this new tank many parts of Pershing were utilized, like 23 inch wide T80E1 tracks, the 90mm gun T15E2 (with single coaxial 0.30 machine gun). Only an extra road wheel was added to torsion bar suspension (seven wheels on each side). The T32 was heavly armored. The front armor was 5 inches of steel at 54 degrees, the turret had 11 3/4 inches in front and 6 inches in the rear. On front of hull a 0.30 machine gun was installed. At the beginning four prototypes were produced, pilots 1 and 2 were shipped to Aberdeen Proving Ground, pilots 3 was shipped to Fort Knox and 4 to Detroit Arsenal. 

il T32 fu un carro pesante sviluppato dall’M26. Era equipaggiato con un motore Ford GAC che gli consentiva una velocità massima di 36km/h, un cannone da 90mm T15E2 e cinque membri di equipaggio. Il T32 pesava 54t per una lunghezza di 7 metri. La corazza frontale si aggirava intorno ai 200mm, 76mm laterali e 51mm posteriori.

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