War Thunder Update 15 10 2014 patch

Gaijin War Thunder

Author: War Thunder team

  • Error that lead to inability to log-in on MacOSX has been fixed
  • Fixed a rare bug with appearing giant statues on the map
  • Added reflection on the cockpit glass and on the devices inside the cockpit
  • Rare bug with black shadows on WinXP render has been fixed
  • Fixed two client crashes
  • Ground forces battle ratings have been changed (information in this table).
  • Fixed missing “Artillery strike” module on Wirbelwind
  • In RB mixed battles Respawn Points given for being in the line of sight of the enemy were decreased by 2 times
  • For better balance certain respawn and capture zones were moved on Mozdok and Poland maps

Damage model and ammunition of the Ground forces

  • Fixed damage model on next ground vehicles: T-34-85, ISU-122, ISU-152, ZSU-37, that lead to vehicle to be destroyed with only part of the crew being disabled
  • Fixed damage model of Sdk.fz 6/2 and GAZ-MM 72-k. Now those vehicles are possible to be destroyed by ramming tank
  • Decreased chance of the ammunition explosion for small-caliber shells 20-37mm
  • Fixed type of the AP 75mm shell of the KwK37 cannon from APBC to APCBC
  • Scatter by shooting at distance with cannons A-19, D-25 T/S, ML-20S, F-34, ZIS-S-53 and KwK-36 has been decreased by 30%
  • Fire rate of A-19 was increased from 2,42 to 3 shots per minute, fire rate of D-25S was increased from 3.72 to 4 shots per minute

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