War Thunder Update 23.12.2014 patch

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Source – http://devblog.warthunder.com/2014/12/23/update-23-12-2014-1-45-10-21/?hl=en

New patch for War Thunder:

  • Markers on teammates in AB/RB tank battles now will be visible through walls/buildings/fences
  • Errors that lead to ground vehicles to spawn at the same spot have been fixed. Now this should not happen any longer and if it happened – ground vehicles will have some time to be able to move away from each other without collision happening.
  • Optimized rendering of city locations (for some configurations it can be a significant change)
  • Rendering of the cockpits on some of the aircraft has been fixed (issue with inner parts of an aircraft to stick inside the cockpit)
  • Bug with ability to call artillery strike after being destroyed has been fixed
  • Fixed an error which lead to wrong spot to be chosen to attach the towing cable which sometimes led to inability to flip the tank back
  • Ability to be repaired on respawn zones without repair kit has been returned
  • Error with wrong visualisation of the damage from fragments in death camera has been fixed
  • Errors on locations have been fixed:
    • Eastern Europe,
    • Kuban,
    • Carpathians,
    • Kursk
    • White Rock Fortress,
    • Stalingrad
  • Tank damage models have been specified:
    • USA: M24, M5A1, M4A2, M22, M4A1, M41, M6A1, M3A1
    • Germany: Pz.Bfw VI (P), Pz.Kpfw. V “Panther” Ausf. G, Kugelblitz
    • USSR: T-50, SMK, T-35, ZSU-57-2
  • Aircraft damage models have been specified:
    • USSR: IL-4, Po-2, IL-10, IL-10 (1946), IL-2M, Yak-7B, I-16 type 5, Yer-2, I-153 M-62, MiG-3-15 (BK), Tu-2S, Pe-3bis, MiG-15bis
    • USA: F-82E, P-63A-5 Kingcobra, P-40 E-1, P-63C-5 Kingcobra, F4U-1d Corsair, F4U-1c Corsair, F4U-1a Corsair, F-86F-2 Sabre, F-86F-25 Sabre, B-57A, F-86F-30 Sabre, B-25J-1, F4F-4 Wildcat, B-24D, F8F-1 Bearcat, PBJ-1H, F6F-3 Hellcat, B-17G, F-84B, PBY-5, F9F-2 Panther, F9F-5 Panther, PBY-5a, F8F-1B Bearcat, F7F-1, F4F-3 Wildcat, P-63A-10 Kingcobra, TBF-1c Avenger, F4U-1a USMC Corsair, SBD-3 Dauntless, P-38G Lightning, P-40 E-1, PBJ-1J, B-25J-20
    • Germany: Ju.87G-1, SM.79, Ju.87G-2, Ho.229 V3, Bf.109E-1, Bf.109F-2, Ta.152H-1, Ar.234B-2, Do.217J-1, Me.163B, He.111H-16, Ju.87D-5, Ju.87D-3, Me.262A-1a, He.111H-6, Bf.109E-3, Ju.87B-2, Ju.87R-2
    • Great Britain: Typhoon Mk.1b, Tempest Mk.V(Vickers P), Tempest Mk.II, Tempest Mk.V, Nimrod Mk.I, Typhoon Mk.Ia, Typhoon Mk.Ib/Late, Spitfire F Mk.IX, D.520, Canberra B Mk.VI, Tempest Mk.V, Canberra B Mk.II, Wirraway, Beaufighter Mk.21, Beaufighter Mk.X, Beaufighter Mk.VIc, Catalina Mk.IVa, Wellington Mk.Ic/Late, Wellington Mk.III, Wellington Mk.Ic, Mustang Mk.IA, Wellington Mk.X, Hurricane Mk.I, Hurricane Mk.IIB, Spitfire F Mk.XVIIIe, Avenger Mk.1, Hellcat Mk.I, Fury Mk.I, Spitfire F Mk.XIVe, Spitfire LF Mk.IX, Spitfire F Mk.XVI, Spitfire Mk.Vb/trop, Spitfire Mk.Ia, Spitfire Mk.IIb, Beaufort Mk.VIII, Blenheim Mk.IV, Havoc Mk.I, Meteor F Mk.3, Mosquito FB Mk.VI, Mosquito FB Mk.XVIII, Vampire FB.5, Boomerang Mk.II, Boomerang Mk.I, Venom FB.4, Spitfire F Mk.XIVc
    • Japan: F1M2, J7W1, Kisuka, A6M3, A5M4, Ki-43-I, Ki-10-I
  • Flight model:
    • P-51D (all modifications) – engine overheat has been fixed.
    • P-51D (all modifications) – error which lead to uncontrollable roll after engine dies from damage received has been fixed.
    • Spitfire ( LF Mk IX, XVI, 14, 18, 22 and 24) – engine overheat has been fixed.
  • PS4: fixed crash when participating in aircraft event in Tank AB

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