World of Tanks 1.10.1 – changes in new premium tanks

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Minor changes to the parameters of tested and other premium vehicles in 1.10.1 (all changes to tanks relative to patch 1.10 and the last iterations of the supertest).

Object 274a (USSR, ST-8, prem)

• Armor protection of the front of the tower: from 230 to 220.

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K-91 Option II (USSR, ST-9, promotional):

• The name of the tank was changed: from K-91-2 to K-91 Option II.

T77 (USA, TT-8, prem, drum for 3 shells):

• The price of the tank in gold: from 100 to 9 800.
• The tags of the tank: “Secret” and “Testable” have been removed.
* The tank is completely ready for release.

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GSOR 1008 (UK, PT-8, prem, 4-round drum):

• Dispersion at 100 m: from 0.29 to 0.33

source – wotexpress

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