World of Tanks 1.10.1 – new 3d style – Blitzlicht


New 3D-style “Blitzlicht” for the Leopard 1 tank from the Halloween event “Mirny-13”.

The 3D style is made exclusively in the style of the Halloween fun mode itself. For the first time, a new feature is used in the style: a luminous “lantern”. You cannot disable or switch it.


Am I Afraid of the Dark? Let’s be honest, I went to the army for adventure. For the thrill. When I was still a child, I sometimes fantasized about how I would be sent on a particularly important special mission, and I heroically carry it out. And then – awards, honor and respect, glory. And then don’t believe in fate after that. I wanted a thrill – get it in full. Get what will make you jump up screaming in the middle of the night even years later. Get what will generously add gray to the hair of a thirty-year-old guy. Get something from which you will avoid every rustle, buzz of electricity, and shadows dancing from the fire. A special assignment that ordinary purposeful people went to, but returned … Let’s go without details. Am I afraid of the dark? You have no idea how much. “

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Will be available for purchase with gold during the “Mirny-13” fun mode. Cost: 4500 gold.

* Unhistorical, step decals can be applied, group: Basic. Maximum per account: 1. Only for the tank: Leopard 1. Tech. price: 4500 gold.

source – wotexpress

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