World of Tanks 1.10 – 2d style – Hungry Spirit

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The Hungry Spirit 2D style from the 1.10 WOT patch.

“Hungry Spirit” – An all-weather style dedicated to the annual celebration of the Festival of Hungry Spirits – a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated not only in China itself but also beyond. The holiday is based on the tradition of the cult of the ancestors, which consists of honoring the ancestors and preserving the memory of them.

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* The Festival of Hungry Spirits, also known as simply the Festival of Spirits (Chinese 中元節 與 盂蘭盆 節 or 盂兰盆 节, pin. Yu Lan), is a traditional Chinese festival and holiday celebrated not only by the Chinese, but also by representatives of the Chinese diasporas in many countries. In the Chinese calendar (lunisolar calendar), the Festival of Spirits falls on the fifteenth night of the seventh lunar month (the fourteenth in southern China).
In 2020, it will take place on September 2.

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Unhistorical, group: Special. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. You can apply step decals, price: 750 gold.

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