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Full patch out CT-2 1.10 WOT. These are also not the final changes of the update itself, we are still waiting for the iteration of the test.

CT-2 1.10 WOT: List of changes in the CT-2 1.10 version compared to CT-1 1.10 WOT.

Major changes:

1. Rewards for players with a lot of fights. For players with a large number of battles, a number of new medals and their corresponding projection decals have been added.

List of medals:
  • “Hero of our time, IV degree”
    Conduct 150,000 random battles.
  • “Hero of our time III degree”
    Conduct 200,000 random battles.
  • “Hero of our time, II degree”
    Conduct 250,000 random battles.
  • “Hero of our time I degree”
    Conduct 300,000 random battles.

Decal List:

  • “Hero of Our Time IV Degree” A
    decal is awarded to players who have spent 150,000 battles.
  • “Hero of our time, III degree” A
    decal is awarded to players who have spent 200,000 battles.
  • “Hero of our time, II degree” A
    decal is awarded to players who have fought 250,000 battles.
  • “Hero of our time I degree” A
    decal is awarded to players who have fought 300,000 battles.

2. Stage decals.
Stage decals became available on the following 3D styles:

• “Pretty Fly” (TL-1 LPC)
• “Not a single gap” (T-44-100);
• “The captured tiger” (King Tiger);
• “Mordian” (BDR G1).

Tasks for improving stage decals became available for the following machines:

• “Valhallan Ragnarok” (KV-2 (P));
• “The captured tiger” (King Tiger);
• “Fury” M4A3E8.

3. New mechanics for the Polish medium tank X (CS-63).

The mechanics of changing engine operating modes have been added to the Polish Tier X medium tank:
• Standard mode: the tank moves at normal speed and with basic aiming parameters.
• The mode with gas-turbine (turbo): the tank moves much faster, but at the same time the aiming parameters are significantly reduced.

4. Changes in the interface and Equipment 2.0

– Equipment 2.0 was transferred as it was in the 2nd iteration of the Sandbox.
– The equipment interface has been redesigned, the equipment system has been completely changed.

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• Four categories of equipment have been added: Firepower, Vitality, Mobility, and Intelligence; when equipment is installed in a slot with the appropriate category, the bonus from the equipment’s action will be increased. Slots with categories received cars of VI and higher level depending on the type.
• A number of existing items of equipment have been changed.
• A number of new items of equipment have been added.
• Reworked equipment interface, including windows for installing and changing equipment, equipment, selection and replenishment of ammunition. Expanded TTX block.
• The number of slots for equipment from level I to IV has been changed. Reworked the mechanics of damage to modules, crew, and fire for equipment from level I to III.
• Increased bonuses from advanced equipment.

5. Steel Hunter 2020 mode.

• Increased armor penetration of all guns in Arlequin, Raven and Harbinger Mk tanks. IV
• The volume of restored strength for the combat skills “Recovery Zone” and “Ramzon” has been reduced.
• The damage of the minefield combat skill has been reduced.
• Reduced the initial number of projectile shells, as well as the number of shells that can be obtained from the loot.
• Fuel tanks are no longer a damaged module.
• Changes were made to the settings of the two-gun installations, allowing more efficient use of the volley.
• Various minor bugs fixed.

6. Changes in technical parameters.

– The possibility of damage to modules and crew has been removed from Tier I vehicles. Only tracks can be damaged, but their repair speed is increased.
– The ability to injure the crew has been removed from Tier II vehicles, damage from a possible fire has been reduced.
– Tier III vehicles have reduced damage from a possible fire.ì

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Added tanks:

DS PZInż (Tier V)
BUGI (Tier VI)
CS-44 (Tier VII)
CS-53 (Tier VIII)
CS-59 (Tier IX)
CS-63 (Tier X)
• All backlighting starts from the 14TP tank ( IV level)


Change of equipment parameters:

Progetto M35 mod 46
• The shell reload time was changed from 8, 9, 12 s to 7.2, 8.1, 10.8 s (third, second and first shell in the store, respectively). Values ​​are given excluding 100% crew.


Changing the technical parameters:

• For the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) (VIII level) and AM 39 Gendron-Somua (II level) premium wheeled tanks, the behavior typical of the old mechanics of wheel damage is returned.

7. Customization.

– Added a new 2D style of “Clean Energy” (Gamescom 2020).
– Added a new “Thegykki” 2D style.
– Added a new 2D-style “Hungry Spirit”.
– All 2D-styles of the “Made in …” series have been returned with the possibility of installing stage decals.
– 2D styles of the National Assault Seriesnamely the “Chinese Assault” and “Czechoslovak Assault” the possibility of installing stage decals is returned.

8. Other.

– For the “Arzagir 4.04” card (Arzagir 4.04), introductory tips were added when loading a battle in the framework of the “Steel Hunter” mode.

9. fixed problems.

• The problem with the ability to connect to the server after closing the “X” window of the User Agreement on the new account has been fixed.
• Fixed the problem with the first-person view in observer mode in Training battle.
• Fixed the problem with endless waiting when leaving the battle after restarting the game if the option “Enable communication in battle” was disabled in the settings.
• The problem with the lack of notification about exiting the “Appearance” screen when switching to the Tank Premium account info page has been fixed.
• Fixed some technical features.

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