World of Tanks 1.10 – Fretchen 3d style – Rhm Borsig Waffentraeger

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The first and only 3D style of such a big update is 1.10 WOT. Borschik with garlic, cooked in the forest.

Historical 3D-style “Fretchen” for the tank Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger (Germany, TD-8).

Fretchen – “This is some kind of joke. I thought such products could only exist in Mary Shelley’s books, but no, I’m watching right now WHAT they are unloading from the platform. It was Herr Oberst at his dacha that he collected from the old Opel Blitz? .. To whom? .. Yes, louder, you have a clang there, I can not make out the words … Burghoff? No, he has not arrived yet. Here the old man will be delighted when his machine will be given to his “falshiremen” in reinforcement. Your package, I believe, moves faster than infantry? On the other hand, the gun looks solid, if only it would not be twisted after the first shot. Everything, my name is for inspection. Between us: my “four” three years ago was not afraid of anyone. And now they send me a pile of roofing iron with a tank engine, on which I have to win the war … Okay, buddy, I’ll be lucky – we’ll meet again. Macht’s gut! “

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Historical. The price is 2500 gold, only for the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger tank. You can apply step decals. Group: Basic. Quantity limit: 1.

source – wotexpress

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