World of Tanks 1.10 – new 2d styles – Multicolor SEA and Tanker Day 2020

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Multicolor SEA

New single camouflage “Multicolor SEA” from 1.10 WOT. There is only one pattern everywhere, then only colors change:

  • “Multicolor Southeast Asia: Blue”
  • “Multicolor Southeast Asia: Green”
  • “Multicolor Southeast Asia: Red”
  • “Multicolor Southeast Asia: purple ”
  • “Multicolor Southeast Asia: lilac ”

(Southeast Asia), Southeast Asia – a region that covers the continental and island territories between Japan and China , India and Australia. Includes the Indochina Peninsula and the Malay Archipelago; part of the Asia-Pacific region.

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All of them: Unhistorical. Suitable for the tank of any nation and level. Price: 50 gold.

“Tanker Day 2020”

” Tanker Day 2020″ – All-season style for Tanker Day 2020 and a decade of the game.

This year, this 2D-style can be customized as the recently introduced style for gold – “Flora”. From the style settings you can choose from: two camouflage patterns, two paint colors. They can be installed in any combination. One paint and one camouflage must be selected. You can also choose two emblems (not to be confused with large decals) and two inscriptions. Here you can remove them. In general, change as you want these 4 elements (there are 4 elements to choose from, each 2 types).

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Type: style with replaceable elements (4 elements, 8 pcs in total). Unhistorical, group: Special. Suitable for the tank of any nation and level. You can apply step decals. Price: 2000 gold.

source – wotexpress

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