World of Tanks 1.10 – Progetto M35 and EBR 75 nerf – players are rebelling

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Uhm, Wargaming has some problems with the Progetto M35 mod46 nerf (and EBR 75, of course). The Russian forum of WoT is rioting…

Alexander Sergeev from wotexpress VK page:

Hidden nerf Projetto 46 in this update. Remove the ability to put a rammer. I opened the topic in the WG financial section about compensation to players, which gained 5 discussion pages per hour, but it was simply deleted and I was banned for 3 days. That’s how WG answers uncomfortable, albeit really relevant, questions. Keep in mind before buying premium vehicles in this FTP game. 

PS I have 7k fights and I bought 15 premium vehicles during the 2019… 

Uhm, Wargaming ha alcuni problemi con il nerf del Progetto M35 mod46 (ovviamente anche per l’EBR 75). Il forum russo di WoT sta ribellando …

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Alexander Sergeev dalla pagina VK di wotexpress:

Nerf nascosto del Projetto 46 in questo aggiornamento. Rimuovi la possibilità di mettere un gun rammer. Ho aperto l’argomento nella sezione finanziaria del WG sul compenso per i giocatori, che ha guadagnato 5 pagine di discussione all’ora, ma è stato semplicemente eliminato e sono stato bannato per 3 giorni . Ecco come WG risponde a domande scomode, anche se davvero rilevanti. Ricordati questo, prima di acquistare i mezzi premium in questo gioco FTP.

PS Ho 7k combattimenti e ho acquistato 15 mezzi premium per il 2019 …


  1. Ciprian 13 July 2020 8:18

    Retard infect bolșevic. Progetto îs ok .Russian tanks are too strong.but u are Russians ,and….that’s it ….the game is a mess….thanks to developers wich their brains are totally full of ” obj”

  2. Ciprian 13 July 2020 8:21

    How come u can see a progetto who is no armor tank ,easy to destroy,but, ok with a autoloader gun,and u can’t see OBJEEEECCCTTSSSS WHO U CAN’T PEN (268-4) looks like a box, an ugly box, without turret but..heeeyyyy….impenetrable ….:))))) I gotta be kidding …u are a mess! Keep going! Destroy this game with Russian things

  3. tiskanno 15 July 2020 16:24

    peccato che stiamo rovinando un bel gioco con politiche di investimento sbagliate ed in ogni caso carri pagati con soldi veri non devo o essere modificati!!!!

  4. Sandor Hatvani 17 July 2020 16:31

    You are absolutelly right. I started to buy premium tanks for fun but I think I do not buy any, I think this game starts become a pile of shit. There aren’t any rejuvenation in this game. I hink I am going to demand refund and I leave it.