World of Tanks 1.11.1 – K-91-PT – new stats and final HD model

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K-91-PT (USSR, TD-9, promo) from update 1.11.1 WOT.

Only now the tank received its final HD model. Previously, there was none. With the release of patch 1.11.1 (end of January 2021) K-91-PT will be tested by supertesters and developers.

The tank has changed some characteristics compared to the 2nd iteration (last) on the supertest:

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– Equipment:
• Ability to install from Improved ventilation Class 1 to Improved ventilation Class 2
• Ability to install from Improved hardening Class 1 to Improved hardening Class 2
• Ability to install from Heavy anti-spall liner to Medium anti-spall liner
– New tank tags (added):
• “Secret”, “Test”, “Unique”.
• depression/elevation angles: from -5 to -5.5
• Price of ap shell: from 1,085 to 930
• Price of a he shell: from 795 to 665
• The cost of repairing: from 13,920 to 14,400
• Payload: from 41,000 to 42,000

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source – wotexpress

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