World of Tanks 1.11 – Mordred – the new 3d style for the FV217 Badger

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 Historical 3D-style “Mordred” on FV217 Badger from the winter patch 1.11 WOT.

Mordred” – “Dear son, I hasten to inform you by this letter that my father has finally calmed down and resigned himself to your decision. Of course, in the first month, he flew around the estate like a fury, cursing himself for his indiscretion. Like, where has it been seen that the son of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons preferred the Royal Armored Corps to politics. Most of all, he was offended by the fact that you allegedly entered the university and studied law diligently there, but in fact, fled with your friends into the army. But when my father went through his channels to your command and found out that you are almost the best tanker of all who served in their unit, and that they are really proud of you, he cooled down. It seemed to me that our mustachioed beaver was even pleased with the result. He says that since politics ended on him, then the military branch of the dynasty will begin with you. We are waiting for you with impatience.

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What name did you choose for your car? Isn’t there someone less controversial in Arturian? “

Historical. Stage decals can be applied, group: Special. Maximum per account: 1. Only for the tank: FV217 Badger. Price: 5000 gold.

source – wotexpress

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