World of Tanks 1.11 – new 2d style – the Reaper

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The second and last Global Map 2D-style “Reaper” from patch 1.11 WOT for the winter event WOT 2021.

Also continues the series and is already 4 in a row. This time depicts the apocalypse on a horse with a scythe. Symbolically, by the way.

“Reaper” – “… and now the last arrived on a horse the color of copper, and he walked unhurriedly across the wastelands left to him, as gloomy and lifeless as his horse. And the rider held a sickle in the bones of his right hand, and he reaped his gloomy harvest. And the light came from the sickle, and it glittered like lightning in the pale hands of the rider, and those whom he had not yet reached, saw hope in him. But only darkness and emptiness followed. “

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Unhistorical. Stage decals can be applied, group: Special. Can only be installed on Tier 8-10 tanks. Price: 750 gold.

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