World of Tanks 1.13 – new 2d style – Gastat


2D-style “Gastat” from patch 1.13 WOT.

For RU-region only! Most likely it will be obtained in official tournaments. “Gastat“: for the 2nd place (Silver).

Gastat” – An all-season style inspired by the armor of the legionaries of Ancient Rome.

Description: The Gastats are the vanguard of the heavy infantry of the ancient Roman army. Before the start of the battle, together with the velites, they acted as skirmishers: upon a signal, they fired a volley with darts, and then entered into close combat. Gastats fought with a short sword – gladness. The armor consisted of a helmet, a square chest plate, greaves and sometimes chain mail. A large oval shield (scutum) was also used for protection.

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To extend the life of the armor, Roman armourers used a technique called bluing. During firing in hot ash, a layer of oxides appeared on the surface of the iron, which gave it blue, gray, purple and other shades.

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Unhistorical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Step decals can be applied. Group special, price: 1250 gold.

source – wotexpress

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