World of Tanks 1.13 – new 2d styles – Koi and Canyon

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2D-style “Koi” from patch 1.13 WOT. Will be exclusively available for the China WOT region ONLY. Available to Chinese players for the first anniversary of the WOT China relaunch (August 20).


All-season style dedicated to the anniversary of the launch of the World of Tanks server in the China region together with 360.

Extras. Description: in China, koi carp symbolize determination, courage, loyalty and abundance. Many legends and myths are associated with this fish, in which it has unusual properties and abilities: it can swim against the current and even turn into a dragon. Carp figurines, paintings and souvenirs are often presented to relatives, neighbors and colleagues as a sign of respect, as well as an example of success achieved despite difficulties and obstacles. The most favorable are fish of bright red color.

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Unhistorical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Step decals can be applied. Group: special. Price: 750 gold.

Customizable 2D Canyon style from 1.13 WOT patch. For what it will be – is unknown.

This is a custom style. Some preset style elements can be changed. The style settings are available to choose from: two different labels that can be changed.


All – season style inspired by the landscapes of the deepest canyons in the world.

Add. Description: The Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world in terms of depth. It is located in the US state of Arizona and is a gorge carved by a river. The length of this natural landmark is about 450 km. More than 5 million people come to the Grand Canyon every year to see the steep and stepped slopes, take photos from observation decks, climb the valley by helicopter, go rafting or ride mules.

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Type: style with replaceable elements (1 element: 2 different labels). Unhistorical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Step decals can be applied. Group: Special. Price: 1250 gold.

source – wotexpress

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