World of Tanks 1.13 – new GKshny – new 2d style from upcoming Thunderstorm event

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GKshny 2D-style customization “Goldmine” from patch 1.13 WOT.

Will be available in the Thunderstorm Front Summer Event (July) on the 2021 WOT Global Map. This is the second 2D scale for the event.

“Goldmine”: “We never had a place here – this is the land of vultures and coyotes. If I leave the lawyers, I will fall into the clutches of this ruthless, eyeless steppe, which does not care who to clean up, whether you are good, bad, or evil.

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… And somewhere there, in a valley near the eastern forest, between the lopsided gravestones, my old partner rushes about in golden ecstasy. “

* Unhistorical. Can only be installed on Tier 8-10 tanks. Stage decals can be applied, group: special, price: 1750 gold.

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source – wotexpress

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