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The M-IV-Y is the first new Yoh tank of the new USA branch. It’s premium tier 8.


A new alternate design concept for USA tanks begins in April 1952. H. L. Yoh Company, Inc. presented a report on June 1, 1953, outlining seven preliminary design concepts for a new medium tank. All seven tanks used the AOSI-1195-5 engine and mounted the 105 mm T140 gun on a new oscillating turret. The M-IV-Y was the fourth proposal. The main armament was installed in an oscillating turret with a shield ring. The tank was estimated to weigh 47 tons. 

Un nuovo concetto di design alternativo per i carri armati USA inizia nell’aprile 1952. H. L. Yoh Company, Inc. ha presentato un rapporto il 1 giugno 1953, delineando sette concetti di design preliminari per un nuovo carro medio. Tutti e sette i carri armati utilizzavano il motore AOSI-1195-5 e montavano il cannone T140 da 105 mm su una nuova torretta oscillante. Il M-IV-Y era la quarta proposta. L’armamento principale era installato in una torretta oscillante con un anello di protezione. Il carro è stato stimato a pesare 47 tonnellate.

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M-IV-Y. Characteristics for a 100% trained crew:

Tier: HT-8, USA, premium
HP: 1,500
Engine power: 850 hp
Weight: 47.0 t
Maximum load: 70.0 t
Power per ton: 18.09 KM / t
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 42 / – 14 km / h
Swing speed: 42.76 ° / s
Suspension repair time: 6.02 / 12.03 s (main / spare track)
Gun rotation speed: 36.5 ° / s
Ground resistance: – / – / –
Range view range: 380 m
Signal range: 745 m

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Hull armor: 178/76/51

Turret armor: 279/241/38

Gun: 105 mm T140 Y IV

Damage: 360/360/440
Penetration: 218/247/53

Rate of fire: 5.54
Average damage per minute: 1,994
Reload time: 10.83 s
Spread per 100 m: 0.38
Aiming time: 2.4 s
Lowering limitations / gun elevation: -10 ° / +20 °

Number of shells: 45 pcs.

4-person crew: Commander, Driver-mechanic, Targeter and Loader.

Camouflage Value:

  • Masking a stationary vehicle: 3.31 / 0.65% (for a stationary vehicle / for a stationary vehicle after firing a shot);
  • Masking the vehicle in motion: 1.65 / 0.33% (for a moving vehicle / for a moving vehicle after firing a shot).

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