World of Tanks 1.17 – 12th anniversary – new 2d topographic style


2D style “Topographic, Mk. VI” from the 12th anniversary of WOT.

The serial style is dedicated to the celebration of the 12th anniversary of the game. You can get it by purchasing for holiday coins (3 pcs.) in a special in-game store.

The style continues a series of styles from the minimaps applied to the tank.
3 everyday cards from random: “Old Harbor”, “Pearl River” and “Berlin”.

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2D style “Topographic, Mk. VI” – An all-season style that is a haunting reminder to keep an eye on the mini-map, because the tactical situation in battle can change every minute. Be carefull!

Desolate is the current Old Harbor map, it was added to the game in update 1.14 (August 2021).
Summer is the current Pearl River map, the HD version was returned to the game in update 1.10 (August 2020).
Winter is the actual map “Berlin”, it was added to the standard battle in update 1.9.1 (June 2020).

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Non-historical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Group: Special. You can apply large/stage decals. Those. price: 1,750 gold. ID: 657.
Each of the 3 map types has its own view (summer/desert/winter).

source – wotexpress

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