World of Tanks 1.18 – new 3d style – Swordfish

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Swordfish 3D style for the MVY tank (1.18 WoT).

Swordfish – “I’ll tell you about them. This is Private Hernandez, our radio operator. And this is Lieutenant Smith, the crew leader. Hernandez is young and hot, constantly looking for his place in this world. Smith, on the other hand, has long been established as a person, as a military man, and has decided both on goals and morality. Hernandez has no friends or family, only a few books from home and the keys to an old motorcycle. And Smith began to build his ranch somewhere near Bakersfield, where his entire extended family would move. For Hernandez, the main priority is freedom and open roads to any goal. For Smith, it’s his job. His crew. Private Hernandez and Lieutenant Smith are two completely different people. The only thing they had in common was the same height. But, alas, only our carpenter is happy about this … ”

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Unhistorical. Group: Special. You can apply stage decals. Price: 5000 gold. Tank only: MVY. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 649.

source – wotexpress

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