World of Tanks – next update for Front Line event

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And 1 more micropatch 🙂 

– May 13: there will be a Micropatch for the Front Line.

What will be fixed: 
• Added a new folder for mods. 

Mod folders will be called / mods/ and /res_mods/ 

Explaining in simple language, they will simply create new folders that will forcibly disable your mods so that you do not harm yourself!

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source – reddit

E ancora 1 micropatch 🙂

  • Micropatch il 13 maggio sotto Front Line

Cosa verrà risolto:
• Aggiunta una nuova cartella per le mod.

Le cartelle Mod saranno chiamate / mods / / e /res_mods/

Spiegando in un linguaggio semplice, creeranno semplicemente nuove cartelle che disabiliteranno forzatamente le tue mod in modo da non farti del male (ahhahaha!)

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