World of Tanks 1.6.1 – transnational tank system – update

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Today, two news about the upcoming patch 1.6.1 of WoT

-A most important change for the patch 1.6.1 WoT is that now screenshots from the game are saved in a new folder: WOT \ win32 \ screenshots and not in: WOT \ screenshots

-Below, you can see a screenshot with the transnational tank Rudy and how the entire system works:

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source – wotexpress

Oggi, due notizie sulla prossima patch 1.6.1 di WoT

-Un cambiamento più importante per la patch 1.6.1 WoT è che ora gli screenshot del gioco vengono salvati in una nuova cartella: WOT \ win32 \ screenshots e non in: WOT \ screenshots

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-Qui sopra puoi vedere uno screenshot con il carro transnazionale Rudy e come funziona l’intero sistema.

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