World of Tanks 1.8 – extended patch notes

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Major changes:

1. Improved maneuverability of wheeled vehicles when moving backward.

The ability to turn the wheels harder when releasing the “Forward” button while holding the “Right” or “Left” keys is now added for moving in the opposite direction. To take advantage of this opportunity, simultaneously with the “Back” and “Right / Left” keys, it is necessary to hold down the “Manual brake” key. The new feature will allow more freedom to maneuver in confined spaces at low speeds.

2. Daily and premium tasks

A new type of tasks has been added: Daily.
• Three tasks will be available per day in Random Battles. After completing them, it will be possible to complete the fourth bonus task with a more valuable reward.
• Progress on tasks can be tracked directly in the Hangar. An unwanted daily task can be replaced once every 4 hours.
• Tasks available to owners of the Tank Premium account received a visual update and were moved to the Daily Tasks tab.

3. Changes in Ranked Battles.

1. Made balanced changes in the system of accrual of role-playing experience.
2. The principles of accruing experience for the destruction of the enemy have been revised. Now the amount of experience for the destruction depends on what share of strength the player “took” from the destroyed target. The less damage a destroyed player inflicts on a player, the less experience will be awarded for destruction. The percentage of damage is considered for the entire battle, and not for the last shot.
3. The mechanism for forming teams in the mode has been improved. Wheel tanks are placed in a separate category, they will have their own turn of balancing separately from tracked light tanks.
4. Interface improvements are made.
5. The indicator of hitting a player with shots of allied equipment in the “Information in Battle” menu for Ranked and Random Battles has been implemented.

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4. Changes in session statistics.

In the session statistics, the list of parameters for tracking has been expanded:

• win percentage;
• average amount of equipment researched;
• average amount of equipment destroyed;
• survival rate;
• average level of technology per session.
• Also added the ability to configure session statistics.

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In addition, the following parameters have been added for settings:

– from a variety of parameters, the ability to choose which ones the player needs to display;
– the ability to choose the option of displaying economic parameters;
– the ability to disable statistics reset once a day. Now statistics can accumulate;
– the ability to save one of two display tabs – “By battles” or “By technique”.

5. Changes in technical parameters.

A machine for testing with supertests was added:
• UDES 03 Alt 3 (Sweden, MT-9, special, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension)

Added machine for testing with supertests:
• IS-2E or IS-2 shielded (USSR, HT-7, prem)

6. Other:

– A unique soundtrack has been added for the “Daily tasks” section.
– Added a new 2D-style: “Korean Army Warmed”.
– Added a new 2D-style: “Always cats!”.
– Added new individual emblems and customization inscriptions.
– Fixed description of some styles of customization.

source – wotexpress

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