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Third overall test update 1.9.1 WOT.

We are starting the third stage of the general update 1.9.1 test. The second season of the WOT Battle Pass is sent for testing. The beginning of the season is already in June. You will have the opportunity to earn trophy equipment of two new types, up to two exclusive 3D styles, a unique crew member, and much more.

The new season has new key vehicles.

The second Battle Pass season is available on the third general test for preliminary testing only. All awards have been added for verification purposes and will be replaced by others – with the exception of 3D styles and two new types of captured equipment. Different specifications and values ​​may differ from those that appear in the release version.

The main gameplay and progression mechanics in the second season have not changed compared to the first. If you have not participated in the Battle Pass before or want to refresh your memory, check out the general rules in a separate article.

In the second season, two new tanks will become the key vehicles:

  • M48A5 Patton
  • TVP T 50/51

These tanks will earn progression points according to special rules, and they also have an increased point limit.

3D styles, trophy equipment and other awards

The second season will offer to players valuable rewards:
• Up to two exclusive 3D styles for key cars.
• For one of the key vehicles – a unique crew member with the “zero” skill “Combat Brotherhood”, as well as experience sufficient to learn two more skills. The nation cannot be changed.
• Trophy equipment of two new types: captured optics and captured stabilizer. Its characteristics can be improved for credits, and it will be dismantled, as standard, for gold or with the help of a dismantling set.

And that’s not all: in the second season of the Battle Pass, other valuable rewards are waiting for you! A detailed list can be found in the game client with the start of the season.

Stiamo iniziando la terza fase del test di aggiornamento generale 1.9.1. La seconda stagione del WOT Battle Pass viene inviata per il test. L’inizio della stagione è già a giugno. Avrai l’opportunità di guadagnare equipaggiamento trofeo di due nuovi tipi, fino a due esclusivi stili 3D, un membro unico dell’equipaggio e molto altro.

La nuova stagione ha nuovi veicoli chiave.

La seconda stagione del Battle Pass è disponibile sul terzo test generale solo per i test preliminari. Tutti i premi sono stati aggiunti a scopo di verifica e saranno sostituiti da altri, ad eccezione degli stili 3D e di due nuovi tipi di apparecchiature acquisite. Specifiche e valori diversi possono differire da quelli visualizzati nella versione di rilascio.

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Il gameplay e le meccaniche di progressione della seconda stagione non sono cambiati rispetto alla prima. Se non hai mai partecipato al Battle Pass prima o desideri aggiornare la tua memoria, consulta le regole generali in un articolo separato.

Nella seconda stagione, due nuovi carri armati diventeranno i veicoli chiave:

  • M48A5 Patton
  • TVP T 50/51

Questi carri armati guadagneranno punti di progressione secondo regole speciali e hanno anche un limite di punti aumentato.

 Stili 3D, equipaggiamento per trofei e altri premi

La seconda stagione offrirà ai giocatori preziosi premi:
• Fino a due stili 3D esclusivi per le auto chiave.
• Per uno dei veicoli chiave: un membro dell’equipaggio unico con l’abilità “zero” “spirito di squadra”, nonché esperienza sufficiente per apprendere altre due abilità. La nazione non può essere modificata.
• Equipaggiamento trofeo di due nuovi tipi: ottiche e stabilizzatore . Le sue caratteristiche possono essere migliorate per i crediti e saranno smantellate, come standard, per l’oro o con l’aiuto di un set di smantellamento.

E non è tutto: nella seconda stagione del Battle Pass, altre preziose ricompense ti stanno aspettando! Un elenco dettagliato può essere trovato nel client di gioco con l’inizio della stagione.

OT3: Complete list of changes in OT3 1.9.1 version compared to OT2 1.9.1

Major changes.

1. Battle Pass WOT (Battle Pass WOT).
a) Added off-season screen as part of the Battle Pass.
b) Added the second season of the Battle Pass. With the start of the second season, the entire progress of the passage of the first season is reset, and the points limits on all equipment are reset.

In the framework of the second season, the following changes were made:
• New awards of the main part of the progression were added: appearance elements, three-dimensional styles, story crew members and looks, as well as new trophy equipment: optics and a stabilizer.
• Added projection decals as a reward for some completed stages of the elite part of the progression.
• Improved the functionality of choosing the final award with an improved badge.
• Improved informing the player in the absence of equipment suitable for continuing to earn Battle Pass points.
• Redesigned navigation on the screen of the main part of the progression.
• Changes have been made to a number of screens and windows.

2. Changes in technical parameters.

United Kingdom.

• Cost of repairing the tank: from 2000 to 2160

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Tower 1 – Covenanter Mk. I
• Tank hp: from 475 to 510
Tower 2 – Covenanter Mk. IV CS
• Tank hp: from 500 to 540

Gun 4 (TOP) – QF 40 mm Mk. VI Bofors
• Accuracy per 100 m: from 0.37 to 0.39
• Drum reload time: from 5.27 to 5.75
• Gun rate: from 37.08 to 34.52
• Average damage per minute: from 2225 to 2071
• Average damage per minute with a HE shell: from 2781 to 2589

3. Fixed Problems.
• The problem of the increased volume of the sound effect of friction against the stone when driving at high speeds has been fixed.
• Fixed a problem with an incorrect preview of the Bastion style for KV-5.
• Fixed a problem with the bias of the style description after switching from a style with a full description to a style with a short description.
• Fixed a problem with the unavailability of the crew return option if at least one crew member was on the tank.
• Fixed a problem with scaling the Battle Pass progress bar at 4K resolutions and x2 scale.
• Fixed a number of problems with playing sound events when the player interacts with the appearance settings.
• Fixed a problem with the lack of national emblems in the machine’s preview menu.
• Fixed a problem with the repetition of effects and notifications in the last task of the training ground.
• Fixed other technical features.

4. Other.
– Added 3D “Pipeline” style to the 

M48A5 Patton tank (WOT Battle Pass Season 2 award).
– Added “Storm” 3D-style to the 

TVP T 50/51 tank (WOT Battle Pass season 2 reward).
– Added 5 large, new award decals as part of the WOT Battle Pass: Season 2.
“Elite part: beginner” (20)
“Elite part: amateur” (40)
“Elite part: professional” (60)
“Elite part: expert” (80)
“Elite part: legend” (final)
* All of them : Issued as part of the second season of the Battle Pass.
Unhistorical. Group: Gaming, 1 on 1 format, cannot be reflected. Those. cost: 110 gold (not for sale). Applied only to 6-10 tank levels.

– Added 2 new crew members as part of the WOT Battle Pass: Season 2. Name: Angela Milotova (Czechoslovakia) and Damon Kilmore (USA).
** Compared to season 1, now these are not commanders, but simply crew members.
– Added the medal “Long Way to Glory” as part of the WOT Battle Pass: Season 2.
– Added the patch “Hero of the event” Battle for metal ” for the future summer GK event.
– Now the Winged Hussar 3D-style (tank: 50TP prototyp) now includes national emblems.

source – wotexpress

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