World of Tanks 1.9.1 – New 3d style for Panhard EBR 105

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3D-style for the Panhard EBR 105 tank (France, LT-10, pumped) under the name “Tramontana” from patch 1.9.1 WOT.

What did he say there, Christoph? Ten kilometers northeast of the turn to Garda Lake? And exactly to the northeast? It’s just that we’ve been burning fuel here for an hour, and this damned road will never end. I do not plan to spend the night outdoors again. Yes, I had to take this guy with me, even if I indicated the path from the armor. It was also lucky that we had fuel with a reserve, and the heat finally subsided. I still don’t understand how you managed to lose the card? Where in the tank can it be lost at all? “Sit now and radiate to the base until you reach it.

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Historical. Price: 5000 gold. Only for Panhard EBR 105 tank.

source – wotexpress

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