World of Tanks 10 years – general amnesty

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A complete, general amnesty for banned players at WOT for Prohibited Mods.

Will players amnesty to drive the Forbidden Mods?

“This year the project is 10 years old. On the night of August 12-14, the game was released in Russia. Yes, there will be a general amnesty in honor of the 10th anniversary.
But this does not mean that right now you can go and create the whole heresy. We will not unban such people starting from the moment of this stream! ” – Anton Pankov (Food Director of World of Tanks).

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source – wotexpress

Un’amnistia completa e generale per i giocatori banditi al WOT per le Mod proibite.

 Sarà l’amnistia per i giocatori a guidare le mod proibite?

“Quest’anno il progetto ha 10 anni. La notte tra il 12 e il 14 agosto, il gioco è stato rilasciato in Russia. Sì, ci sarà un’amnistia generale in onore del decimo anniversario.
Ma questo non significa che in questo momento puoi andare a creare l’intera eresia. Non toglieremo il ban a queste persone a partire dal momento di questo flusso! ”- Anton Pankov (Direttore alimentare di World of Tanks).

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1 Comment

  1. duncancro 25 March 2020 9:25

    Yea and give them few cheats for reward. What that meen for us who play all the time regular? That we are idiots,nothing else. Thx.
    Instead u look and serch new players who use cheats u forgive them. Nice WG, u are the TOP