World of Tanks 9.0 patchnotes part2


Other changes

– removed the “confrontation” mode in random battles
– soundtrack (musical score) was remastered
– added language indicator on login screen
– added new rewards for team battles
– fixed the bugs in the “Vehicles” tab of the “Achievements” window
– reworked the “Statistics” tab of the “Achievements” window
– changed the conditions for Steel Wall
– term “potential damage” changed to “damage stopped by armor”
– fixed bugs in voicechat system
– fixed the bug where aim circle in replays didn’t display correctly
– fixed small bugs in replay recording
– fixed the bug where artillery shells fell outside of aim circle
– fixed the bug where artillery shells exploded in mid air
– fixed the freezing of the client when quitting the game
– improved the performance of the game on certain configurations
– optimized the drawing of decals and motion blur effect
– fixed the bug where FPS dropped sharply when track traces were enabled
– fixed the render of shadows and vegetation on medium and high settings
– changed the notification windown in the hangar
– removed the table with tank tiers in the battle queue
– added the “ammo rack empty” message when you are out of ammo and press F8
– changed the autoaim targetting point
– optimized the list of required tanks in the Missions window
– amount of reports per day increased from 5 to 10
– changed the complaint reason names
– fixed some bugs in mission window
– fixed some bugs with sounds of autocannons firing
– fixed the bug where the track traces disappeared or flickered
– fixed the bug where in some cases, the traces of shells hitting a tank were missing
– fixed the bugs where wrecks “slightly moved” after the tank destruction
– fixed the bug where the “refreshing” wheel appeared every minute in hangar
– fixed the display of the “in depot” icon when removing permanent camo, bought after 8.11
– fixed the display of XP amount in the mouseover window over modules or tanks in the research window
– in the “Vehicles” tab, fixed the display of statistics of medals, recieved in team battles
– fixed the bug where the Abrams medal was awarded with delay or not at all
– fixed the vehicle winrate number rounding
– fixed the connection to the voice chat in the training room after restarting the client
– fixed the display of shell tracer beyond the maximum shell range
– added dynamic spotting point for the gunner (SS: not sure what that means)
– fixed the saving of the camera distance after leaving the battle
– HE shells do not explode anymore when hitting a tankist crew, that is “peeking” outside of the tank (open-topped vehicles)
– fixed the company filter (by the name of the commander)
– fixed mistakes in description of some medals
– added dynamic light sources to shooting effects
– reworked the volume of the engine and suspension sounds
– added the effect of flying dust after shooting
– fixed shooting effects on some tanks

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