World of Tanks 9.18 MM bug

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Source: Lyrarium

Hi guys, I have seen a bug in the MM, some may call it a glitch, as far as I know, if you open a platoon with just yourself in it, it seems like you always get top tier MM, no matter what! I’ve tried this and asked friends to do it as well, and it seemed to work, at least on EU on 09/05/2017. I’ve sent a ticket to Wargaming support, but I think the more the best, so could you guys try it out see if you get the same thing as me, and if so send a ticket too? I don’t like this as it gives some players an advantage they shouldn’t get.

Here are some examples I got

Anton Pankov on the bug:

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„The problem is known, there is already a fix coming soon. Thank you for paying attention to the problem.”

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