World of Tanks 9.19.1supertest patchnotes

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Added a new training mode for beginners and players who want to improve their skills. “Training Grounds” will replace the current Combat Training. The briefing will explain the basic nuances of the game, how to manage the technology, who to fight, how to find areas your tank can penetrate, visibility systems, crew and module management etc. For new players the mode will be available when you first log into the game.


In this version we have refined some combat missions that had been complicated after the matchmaking changes. Thank you for the feedback, with which we were able to make the necessary changes.


Now in Strongholds the Commanding Officer will be able to indicate the direction of movement of forces on the mini-map before the battle begins using the mouse. These notifications will be visible to all players in the room.


  • Balance within the same tier. There will now be a reduced chance of imbalance between teams in same tier light tanks, TDs, SPGS, and platoons. For example, a team with a light tank at the top of their team list will be likely to have a light tanks at the top of the opposing team list.
  • You can now invite Artillery to platoons (but only one).
  • New tank class sorting.
  • Improved the artillery aiming system. Previously there was a bug when artillery aimed at the top of ridges or bridges.
  • Damage caused by allies when an enemy is stunned with artillery will now count to Marks of Excellence calculation.
  • New setting to individually customize feedback on ribbons and logging damage to stunned targets.
  • Changed settings with the alternate camera modes. Reduced camera sensitivity.
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  1. SU-8
  2. SU-26
  3. M3 Light
  4. Sherman M4A3E8
  5. M36 Jackson
  6. AMX 13 AM F3
  7. AMX 105 AM mle. 47
  8. AMX 105 AM mle. 50
  9. Lorraine 39L AM
  10. Pz. Kpfw. IV Hydrostat.
  11. D1
  12. Universal Carrier 2-pdr.
  13. Churchill Gun Carrier
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  • Chinese female voice has been completely rerecorded re-recorded. New voice and dialect required.
  • Russian female voice renewed. Overwritten some phrases.
  • By popular request the radio effect for the female voice has been redesigned. Now they will sound cleaner and more accentuated.



  • Tiger 217 added to client. (Otto Carius’ Tiger)


  • Added tank for testing, AMX Canon d’assaut 105


  • Added a medium tank “Pudel” (stats posted later).

*Poland will be added to the nation filter, the game will have a Polish voice actor, camouflage, inscriptions/emblems and national consumable, though the nation will not be added to the research tree as of yet.


  • 121- Depression on gun 122mm 60-122TG increased from -3.5 to 5 degrees.
  • 113- Depression of gun 122mm 60-122TG increased from -5 to -7 degrees (when aiming along the sides).

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