World of Tanks – Armored Christmas 2019 – first bonus code

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12 days of Panzer holidays with daily challenges , a number of broadcasts and of course a bag of prizes . 

Daily challenges

we are pleased to announce that a new series of films will soon appear in which   Eekeeboo and/or Echiddna will try to pass the tests you invented. Stay tuned to our  YouTube channel between December 11 and 22 and see if they can do it! 

12 days of transmission

Every day there will be new fun in a festive atmosphere and new challenges. There will also be surprises. So make sure you subscribe to our Twitch channel  so you don’t miss the daily dose of World of Tanks, as well as tons of prizes! Most prizes will be distributed daily, and few will be awarded only after the event. 

All hours below are for the CET time zone (UTC + 1).

December 11December 12December 13December 14December 15December 16
15:00 On Twitch15:00 On Twitch15:00 On
15:00 On Twitch15:00On Twitch18:00On Twitch
December 17December 18December 19December 20thDecember 21December 22
15:00On Twitch15:00On Twitch15:00On Twitch12:00On Twitch15:00On Twitch13:00On
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Hunting on social networks

From December 11 on Wednesday to December 22 on Sunday at 23:59   codes will be hidden on our social channels. Thanks to the hints below you will be able to find one code per day. Each code will give you rewards in the game, and thanks to our campaign on the Gleam website you will be able to get even more.

  • Find the code
  • Redeem it in the premium store ( here )
  • Add him to Gleam to win even more prizes
  • Add 10 codes to Gleam to get the chance to win additional prizes

That’s right, if you can add all the codes to our Gleam campaign, you’ll get the chance to get even more attractive prizes, including physical prizes, provided by our great partners. That’s why we invite you to hunt! Don’t forget to read the hints below, which will help you get fantastic gifts from the following pool:

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There is no obligation to add or redeem codes in a specific order. All you have to do is complete this task before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 22 .


Commanders, we suggest where to look for codes:

11/12: YouTube (European channel)12/12: Facebook (all European pages)13/12: Instagram  (European account)14/12:  break, there will be no codes on this day!15/12: break, there will be no codes on this day!16/12: Facebook17/12: YouTube18/12: Discord (European channel)19/12: Instagram 20/12: Facebook 21/12: Broadcast on Twitch (European channel)22/12: Broadcast on Twitch

Bonus code for today:


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