World of Tanks – Artstation – LT-100 3d style – Viper Levantine Gyurza

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… You almost started a fight with the quartermaster, because I asked for additional equipment from him. Are you satisfied with yourselves? We have a smokescreen generator, an automatic grenade launcher on the tower, and fabric rubber side screens. We even have a nuclear protection system in place. Just go and fight! Oh, and this tube for crossing the river on the bottom … What’s it called? Laika? Story? I have! Pipe! Now, this vehicle is perfect. I wanted to get some AT-3 Sagger launchers, but I failed. The Quartermaster keeps them for later. Tankers, remember that you are responsible for any damaged exterior appearance. That’s all. Rest! And no more wishes!

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Source – Author: Alexander Babii , Artstation &

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