World of Tanks – Battle Pass Season 2 – 3d style Storm for TVP T 50/51

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3D-style “Storm” for the TVP T 50/51 tank: final award of the 2nd season of the WOT Battle Pass. BP Season 2 will begin in June 2020.

“Storm” – Entry from the diary of A. M .: “Today I did what I had to. And as it should. It was a miracle to stumble upon Kilmore’s detachment at the very moment when his guys needed fire support so much! No, I was not a savior, but my help clearly came to the place, I believe in it. He grumbles at me again, but I no longer hear in his words such aggression as I had before. I want him to understand that with a tank I control no worse than with a scalpel. What is it, on the battlefield, I will not be less useful than in the rear hospital. If this stubborn man steps over himself and accepts my help, he will understand that I am the partner he needs. ”

* Historical, tech. price: 3000 gold (not for sale), stage decals can be applied, group: Special. Maximum per account: 1. Only for tank level 10 .: TVP T 50/51.

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source – wotexpress

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  1. ZHTEITAI_MOYNI 30 May 2020 14:31

    effin beautiful