World of Tanks – Black Market 2021 – day 3 – second offer – the big one

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This tank is on sale for the FIRST TIME in all regions (except China).

Black market 2021 (3 days), lot 5: WZ-111 Qilin (China, HT-10, promo): CLOSED AUCTION.

• Lot: [NEW] WZ-111 Qilin
• Price (credits): minimum price: 15.000.000 silver, maximum: [your bid].
• Quantity: 20,000 (RU), 9000 (EU) pcs.
• You can place and change bets until 02:59 (Moscow time)

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WZ-111 Qilin stats

Pay attention: this tank is identical to the regular WZ-111 5A and his value is not much more the auction base, 15millions. Don’t waste your credits for this tank.

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