World of Tanks Blitz – New T49 ATGM and KpfPz 70 Event

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Source: Blitz forum

Subject to change, information may be wrong, don’t kill me if it is, if you want absolute truth wait for the official announcement.

This event will last from August 18 to September 10.

In this new event, there will be a tier 7 version of the T49, the T49 ATGM (anti-tank guided missile). This new T49 ATGM will shoot missiles; after firing, the player will have direct control of where the shot will go (your sights change when you fly). Your T49 ATGM will remain in place while you fly towards your destination until you hit/miss your target and your next shot is ready to go. Do note that the source says that you will have to purchase the T49 ATGM for gold, so until a better translation or different event detail is revealed later on, don’t expect a free T49 ATGM to appear in your garage.


There is also another tank up for grabs, the KpfPz 70, a canceled US-German joint tank in reality. There will be chests containing several things:

  • Premium tanks tier 3 to tier 5
  • Gold
  • Boosters
  • Premium time
  • “Keys”

You can gain chests by playing the event or buying them in the store. When opening a chest, you will also get “keys” for the KpfPz 70, amount ranging from 25 to 5,500 keys (the most common drops in this chest are 25, 50, 75, and 150 keys). There are also special chests ranging from 100 to 5,500 keys (the most common drops in this chest are 100, 125, 150, and 250 keys). In order to get the KpfPz 70, with free garage slot and unlocked equipment, you will need 5,500 keys! Be warned, you will most likely not receive this tank unless you pay a hefty amount of money or get extremely lucky!

In addition, leaderboards for the T49 ATGM will be introduced. The best 1000 players in the T49 ATGM will also receive the KpfPz 70.



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