World of Tanks Blitz Update 3.6 – „Legendary” Camouflages for Tier X



When you become the proud commander of a Tier X vehicle and realize that you are going to ride it into battle every day, you want to make your vehicle special. In Update 3.6, you will have an opportunity to change the look of four Tier X vehicles!

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Make Your Tank Legendary!

New camos are available for the American T110E5, Japanese STB-1, and French AMX 50 B. Also, the Battle-hardened legendary camouflage is available again for the Soviet IS-7.



Camouflage Characteristics

  • +2% for heavy tanks and +3% for the STB-1 to vehicle concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot
  • Cost to unlock: 2,840 for each tank
  • Camouflage resupply cost: (free!)
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