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To all of our loyal tankers, we salute you! Thank you for making World of Tanks the best experience it can be! Without your support, we wouldn’t be here celebrating this milestone. Your dedication, commitment, and feedback continues to drive us to create the best experience on the digital battlefield.

In acknowlegement of how far we’ve come together, we proclaim the entire month of February to be our Console anniversary, with recognition and rewards for you, the tanker!

As part of our anniversary, we are introducing a brand-new nation complete with a console-exclusive map, a stalwart Hero tank to earn free, and an exciting wrap-up to the Dark Horse comic series “Roll Out!“, and much more!

Console Anniversary Bonanza

• February 10 weekend

To honour your achievements on the battlefield, we’re introducing a unique custom anniversary tank as a gift to you. To add this exclusive item to your Garage, log in and play a battle during our celebration.

Raseiniai BT-7A

In doing so, you’ll receive the Raseiniai BT-7A featuring battle-hardened decals and unique camouflage. This Premium tank is sure to be a high-explosive terror on the battlefield!

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Czechoslovakia Enters the Fray

• February 13

This month sees the brand new Czechoslovakian line added to the game’s ever-growing roster! These light and medium tanks are fast and sturdy, with the latter tiers sporting auto-loaders.

Add these offensive juggernauts to your arsenal!

Konštrukta T-34/100

Škoda T 50

Map: Dukla Pass

• February 13

Dukla Pass is inspired by a real battle location between Poland and Slovakia. This map features rolling hills and grassy fields, perfect for taking your mobile Czechoslovakian tanks out for a spin!

Žižka Škoda T 40

• February 6-17

With all these new Czechoslovakian tanks, who’s going to command them? Get a head start in training Czechoslovakian Crews with the console-exclusive Žižka Škoda T 40!

Žižka Škoda T 40

Earn Op: Defender of the Fatherland

• February 23-March 1

Presenting the “Fatherland” IS-3A, an earnable/purchasable tier VIII brawler with potent damage output, and adorned in special camouflage honouring the Soviet Defence of the Fatherland.

“Fatherland” IS-3A

Live: Ranked Battles

• February 17-19

We want to give an extra thanks to those who participated in previous Ranked Battles test. It’s going live this month! Test your mettle against skilled opponents in tier V battles to claim your place among the finest.

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Reminder: British Bulldog

• January 31-February 12

Don’t forget that the mighty “British Bulldog” Churchill VII, the final Hero tank from World of Tanks: Roll Out!, is in the Store. Collect this mid-tier behemoth while you can!

Xbox Silver-Membership Weekend

• February 16-19

Know anyone wanting to check out World of Tanks but they don’t have an Xbox Live Gold subscription? Tell them about the third weekend in February! Show friends the ropes by Platooning together, and have fun in the steel carnage of World of Tanks battlefields!

Tell your friends to start the download early to maximize the weekend.

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