New Premium Duo (December 5-January 2)

Introducing the German Captured KV-1 and Chinese Legion 59-Patton — a pair of Crew-trainers with custom camo and decals!

Captured KV-1

Legion 59-Patton

  • Captured KV-1: Is there any other reason to bring up arguably the best tier V heavy tank? Well, we found one. This white knight comes with an unrelenting 57mm cannon to keep the pressure on, and it’s a variant specially tuned to train both German and Soviet Crews!
  • Legion 59-Patton: Another fierce Premium flanker joins the Chinese branch. This one, however, is capable of training Chinese and American Crews! The “Legion” boasts better gun depression than both the Type 59 and T-34-3, and is just as devastating while on the move.

“Krampus Hunt” Op (December 1-12)

The nasty Krampus has captured the spirit of Tanksmas itself and is keeping our celebration plans at bay. Search for Krampus in all four corners of the globe (i.e., Winter, Summer, Desert and Urban maps) to complete the dedicated Op and keep the Tanksmas spirit bright!

Second Ranked Battles (December 9th Weekend)

If you missed the last Ranked Battles, you’re in luck! It’s back for one more weekend. Like last time, bring tier V tanks and battle to place in the highest league. Additional details to follow.

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War Child Charity Bundle (December 12-January 1)

War Child is an organization committed to supporting children who have their lives torn apart by war. We have a “For the Children” bundle with proceeds going to War Child and their efforts.

For the Children for 800
• x6 Crew XP Boost Op ( 2 )
• x5 XP Boost Ops ( 2 )
• Small First Aid Kit ( 5 )
• Large First Aid Kit ( 2 )

Consider contributing to this cause.

Holiday Garage (December 1-January 2) & “Blitzen” Giveaway (December 15-January 2)

The Garage gets in the spirit for the holidays! Don’t worry, we’ll throw out the tree by January.

Log in between December 15-January 2 to get a free Blitzen MTLS (slot included), an exclusive holiday light tank! It even lights up in random battles and in the holiday Garage for December.

Tanksmas Lights Bundle (December 19 – January 2)

Accelerate your tanking career with staples every tanker needs at 25% off. Grab this exclusive bundle, and you’ll add a handful of T7 Combat Cars in five festive colors, free!

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T7 Combat Car (Python, Fox, Viper, Kraken & Hornet) *FREE*
• Garage Slot ( 5 )
• x3 XP Boost Op ( 25 )
• x6 Crew XP Boost Op ( 25 )

“Naughty or Nice” Loot Drops (December 23-January 2)

Have you been naughty or nice this year? For every first victory per tank between December 23-January 2, you’ll earn a random loot drop. Each drop will be either “naughty” or “nice,” but you’ll only find out what it is upon returning to the Garage.

Krampus’s Last Stand (December 23-January 2) & Toy Tank Mode (December 23-25)

Send the Krampus packing in two Proving Grounds PvE campaigns from December 23-January 2. Defeat the “Krampus tank” to get a loot drop and commemorative in-game medal!

The suction-cup-shooting “Toy” tank is back!

The “Toy Tank” mode also returns; battle among presents under a Christmas tree in kid-safe toy tanks!

Limited Time Emblems (December 1-January 2)

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