Source: WoT Console portal

Ring in the new year with the AMX 13 57 and AMX M4 mle. 49! These two rare French beauties are both capable of leaving enemies in a smoldering heap – play them to their strengths and work together as a team to achieve victory!

Take the AMX 13 57 for a spin on the battlefield and use its speed, maneuverability and auto-loading cannon to be a real fatal pest to your enemies! This rare light tank can also be expertly used as a scout, either passively lighting up enemies, or actively hunting down artillery.

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Then take to the front lines with the true brawler, AMX M4 mle. 49! Its almost impenetrable front hull and gun elevation makes it a master of the hull-down position. Even with that front-heavy hull, your acceleration isn’t bad, so you’ll have time to secure your position. Plus, its devastating 100mm gun is nothing to sneer at!

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