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Unique commander Yuri Gagarin

Unique commander Yuri Gagarin for the WOT event on April 12.

“Yuri Gagarin” – “Having flown around the Earth in a satellite ship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, and not destroy it! “

* The commander is only available for the USSR nation . You cannot change the specialty.
** This commander has his own unique RU voice acting.

Inscriptions and large decals

Small separate customization for the event in WOT on April 12, 2021. Event name: “Gagarin”.

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1. “To the stars!”
2. “To the Stars!” [EU]
3. “To the stars!”
4. “To the stars!” [this is a reflected option – approx. WE]
* All inscriptions above: Unhistorical. Group: Special; price: 50 gold. Tags: Gagarin standalone / Gagarin RU.

Large decals:
5. “Yuri Gagarin”
6. “Conquerors of Space”
* 1 by 1 format, direction from right to left, can be flipped.
7. “” Vostok-1 “(mosaic)”
8. “In orbit” [except CN-region]
9. “In Orbit” [EU]
* All decals above except 6: Unhistorical. Can be applied to vehicles of any nation and level. 1 by 1 format, direction from right to left, can be flipped. Group: Special. Price: 190 gold. Tag: Gagarin.

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Unique medal

Medal with Gagarin for the event at WOT on April 12 (Cosmonautics Day).

“To the stars!”. Commemorative award timed to the Cosmonautics Day.

source – wotexpress

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