World of Tanks – Decade Birthday act 4 – new 2d styles

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And we have a new 2D style for the WOT Decade event, Act 4.

The style itself can be purchased for event coins of the Decade in the Anniversary store inside the game. Price: 100 coins.

2D style “Dembel” – The army is not just a kind word, but a very quick cause. So we won all the wars. While the enemy is drawing offensive maps, we are changing landscapes, moreover, manually. When the time comes for an attack, the enemy is lost in an unfamiliar area and comes into complete sky readiness. This is the point, this is our strategy.

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Only on the tank Object 252U. Unhistorical, group: Special. You can apply staged decals, a limit on the number of: 1. Price 1750 gold.

source – wotexpress

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