World of Tanks – Decade birthday act 4 – Panzerscorpion – new 2D style

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2D style for the WOT Decade event, Act 4.

The style itself can be purchased for event coins of the Decade (proxy currency) in the Anniversary store inside the game. Price: 100 coins.

Panzerscorpion 2D style – It was supposed to replace the shell tracer with a harpoon-kunai flying out of the trunk on a long chain, but the suspicion crept in that we had already seen it somewhere (a pity, this would definitely help coordinate negligent allies).

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Only on the Rheinmetall Skorpion tank. Unhistorical, group: Special. You can apply staged decals, a limit on the number of 1. Price 1750 gold. Account restriction: 1.

source – wotexpress

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