World of Tanks – Decade birthday – ACT 4 – Surstroemming – new 2d style

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Swedish yummy Surströmming, mmm, nama.

2D style for the WOT Decade event, Act 4. The style itself can be purchased for event coins of the Decade (proxy currency) in the Anniversary store inside the game. Price: 100 coins.

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2D-style “Surströmming” – Do not be surprised if the balancer will put the tank with this style when loading the map separately from everyone. Believe me, the maximum distance from the fragile olfactory receptors will have a beneficial effect on your gastroesophageal resistance.

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Only for the Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2 tank . Unhistorical, group: Special. You can apply staged decals, a limit on the number of: 1. Price of 1750 gold. Account restriction: 1.

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