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For EU servers, devs uploaded some interesting bundles for golds and credits

In-game and Premium Shop packages are filled with gold and credits, so players can upgrade account, unlock favorite vehicles and improve them with powerful modules, consumables, and more goodies.

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Credits are quite expensive as golds in this game…

Check out the offers below.

1st bundle

  • 3.500 golds
  • 1.400.000 credits

price: 23.17eu

2nd bundle

  • 6.500 golds
  • 2.600.000 credits

price: 38.75eu

3rd bundle

  • 10.000 golds
  • 4.000.000 credits
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price: 54.30eu

4th bundle

  • 13.500 golds
  • 5.400.000 credits

price: 67.16eu

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