World of Tanks EU – KV-220-2 back on sale

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The vehicle is available in two sets 

This beast with a KV-3 hull and a KV-1 turret is an extremely difficult opponent. Use this incredible stamina to break through your enemy’s defenses and shred their vehicles to shreds with your 76mm rapid-fire cannon!

Note : the missions included in this bundle can only be completed with the KV-220-2 after using the First Victory of the Day bonus.

KV-220-2 offers

Collector’s Pearl: KV-220-2

  • KV-220-2
  • Garage space
  • 100% trained crew
  • 2,000 gold
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Price: 14.64eu

Best offer:

  •  KV-220-2
  •  Garage space
  • 100% trained crew
  •  WoT Premium Account: 30 days
  •  4,000
  •  15 missions: x5 XP for a victory
  •  15 × Personal Reserves: 200% more Crew XP for 2 hours.

price: 29.99eu

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