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November 11, Remembrance Day, is celebrated in most countries of Europe and the Commonwealth, and we also wish to honor those who died in the fighting during the bloodiest armed conflicts of the 20th century. Their courageous sacrifice meant risking our own lives for a secure future.

To celebrate the occasion, WoT has prepared several specials available  from November 9th 06:00 to November 14th 06:00 CET (UTC + 1): themed Tank Rewards missions and a bonus code that will unlock a remarkable 200 Tank Rewards points after completing a special mission! Also take note of the calm atmosphere of the poppy-decorated garage in the game. Take a look around!


Available from November 10th 06:00 CET until November 14th 06:00 CET (UTC + 1)

  • X5 XP for the first victory of the day;
  • Up to 50% discount on standard Tier IV-V vehicles;
  • 30% discount on standard vehicles of Tier VI-VII;
  • 15% discount on standard Tier VIII-X vehicles.
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Remembrance Day missions

Available from November 10th 06:00 CET until November 14th 06:00 CET (UTC + 1)

Let it go on


  •  1 large repair kit
  •  1 large first aid kit
  •  1 automatic fire extinguishing system


  • Play 3 battles
  • Be among the top 7 players on your team by base experience earned


  • Only in Random Battles
  • Only on Tier IV-X vehicles
  • 2 times a day

Freebies on the occasion of Memorial Day


  •  1 parking space in the garage
  •  3 large repair kits
  •  3 large first aid kits
  •  5 automatic fire extinguishing systems
  •  10 Personal Reserves: + 50% XP for 1 hour
  •  10 Personal Reserves: + 200% Crew XP for 1 hour
  •  10 Personal Reserves: + 200% Free XP for 1 hour


  • Play 5 battles


  • Only in Random Battles and Fortress Battles
  • Only on Tier IV-X vehicles
  • Once per account

November Tank Rewards and Bonus Code

Activate the special bonus code 2020ARMISTICE by clicking on the button below. It will unlock the “11/11/11” bonus mission, which will give you 200 Tank Rewards points if you collect 10,000 (base XP) over any number of battles.

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Grant period: until November 22, 2020, 06:00 CET (UTC + 1). This bonus mission, like all other Tank Rewards missions, will cease to be available on November 30th, 2020, 06:00 CET (UTC + 1).

Take advantage of November’s Tank Rewards missions dedicated to Remembrance Day and the end of World War I. Earn Tank Rewards points from November 6th 06:00 CET to November 30th 06:00 CET (UTC + 1) and unlock rewards from five tiers .

Reach the last tier and choose between 7 days of World of Tanks Premium Account or one of the two Premium tanks: M4A3E8 Thunderbolt or M4 Improved.

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