World of Tanks EU – September 2019 – bonus codes

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Two bonus codes for a challenge. They give 5 “Cola Boxes” and two combat missions.

Bonus codes are these…:




Depending on which “team” completes more tasks, it will receive an Anniversary potato camouflage and garage space.

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Dopo giorni di assenza, WG ci delizia con 2 codici bonus, al solito, potete usarne solo 1, in base a chi dei due codici darà maggiori risultati, ci saranno ulteriori bonus!

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  1. DonGatoFelino 3 September 2019 19:37

    You should explain what this about. And it is about the Spanish National Dish, the “Tortilla”, an omelette with potato and eggs. But the discussión is wether you shall add Onions to it (con cebolla) or not (sin cebolla). And this is quite a hard choice to do 😀