World of Tanks EU – Somua SM and LT 432 on sale

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Yesterday, two new interesting bundles have been released on EU server. They are two uncommon tanks, the first one is the Somua SM, the second is the famous LT-432. Each bundle has some stuff, as personal reserves, xp missions, kits, etc.!



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Somua SM

Ieri sono stati rilasciati due nuovi interessanti bundle sul server UE. Sono due carri armati non comuni, il primo è il Somua SM, il secondo è il famoso LT-432. Ogni pacchetto ha alcune cose, come riserve personali, missioni xp, kit, ecc.!

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Somua SM

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  1. DonGatoFelino 18 August 2019 2:08

    I bought both of them months ago, at a cheaper price. Very good choices for upcoming Front Line Episode.

    – LT 432 is excellent when attacking, to move between zones, and getting points when capturing bases. Although it makes low DMG, it has nice pen, is good spotter, and always will earn points if played wisely

    – Somua SM is one of the best tanks for the final stages of Front Line battles, as it’s autoloader will give you those points you need to make it to major or general. And when not playing Front Line, in random battles, it’s a fearsome enemy, with a great ammount of “fear factor”, as your enemies always will think “has he shot 5 times or 4 or 3”. Good moneymaker, idiot proof tank, as it makes suprisingly bounces. and with a good crew it will aim well.

    I recommend both of them 🙂

    Best regards,